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Boardroom Risk Level: Medium

Program Maturity Level: Level 2 Repeatable

Based on your answers, your organization's maturity level is at Level 2, Repeatable. Review your results and your positioning on the Maturity Model Matrix below to identify your characteristics, risks, and the suggested action plan to achieve the next level. 


  • Health and safety policies and procedures are documented
  • Workplace flexibility and hybrid work policies are documented
  • Reactively containing an incident vs. proactive prevention
  • Using systems to track vaccination status with a best-efforts approach
  • No risk assessments
  • Inconsistent employee communications
  • Resources assigned to create and manage policies and procedures
  • Attempt to adhere to legal compliance


  • Inconsistently applied policies can lead to moderate risk of an outbreak
  • Moderate risk of absenteeism due to COVID cases
  • Moderate risk of revenue loss due to business disruption
  • Moderate risk for employee attrition due to reduced confidence in workplace safety
  • Moderate risk for a brand reputation impact due to COVID

Create Your Action Plan

Once you have evaluated your organization's positioning on the maturity model, take action steps to start building resilient program areas.

Use the full matrix below to help your organization see the path forward to a healthy foundation for the Future of Work. 


Explore how to leverage COVID case management to minimize business disruption and retain your workforce
Discover how the Director of Future of Work can meet the need for innovation and positive change. 
Use an automated, integrated view of employee sentiment tracking, health status dashboards, and data reporting
Gain situational awareness for your organization's COVID risk
Create an testing program that integrates results right into your HR Command Center for a rapid response. 


FoW MM RS - R2

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