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Make Hybrid Work: A Playbook for Success

HR Exec & ReturnSafe Webinar

Listen to this webinar on how to create a successful hybrid experience for employees and managers.  

A successful hybrid experience:

  • Provides flexible working arrangements
  • Fosters a culture of inclusion
  • Promotes wellbeing
  • Safeguards and supports employees during a crisis 
  • Keeps employees connected and engaged

Companies that get hybrid work right will outperform those that do not. Join us to find out how to define, refine, reimagine, and execute a successful hybrid work playbook with performance drivers and proven results.


David Hughen is Founder/CEO of AustinWorkNet, a human capital consulting firm. David brings over 30 years of experience driving creative HR strategies with a focus on optimizing employee engagement and productivity. 

Kurt Monnier is VP of Product at ReturnSafe, a Hybrid Experience Platform provider.  Kurt is a software executive who has been helping enterprise clients achieve their goals through technology since 2007. 

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