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Demos & Videos

See how you can create a great hybrid experience, one that is flexible, healthy and engaging. 

DEMO: Enabling a Hybrid Work Experience

Join VP of Product Kurt Monnier as he walks through ReturnSafe's new hybrid work management features. See how key stakeholders can employ ReturnSafe to support their return to office program. 

WEBINAR: Be The Match on Protecting 1000s with ReturnSafe

In this program, VP of HR Megan Adams is speaking with Brad Swenson, Director of Customer Engineering for ReturnSafe. They will lead a discussion on Be The Match’s mission-critical need for a customizable, scalable solution to safely bringing back 1,300 employees, guests and vendors to their offices

INTEGRATION: BD Veritor™️ At-Home COVID-19 Test

By using the BD Veritor™ At-Home COVID-19 Test, employees can upload their test results from the comfort of their own home via technology that digitally reads and verifies the result and imports it directly into the ReturnSafe Command Center. Watch the video to see how.

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