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Why You Need a BioSecurity Program to Return to Work

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COVID-19 Screening apps are important, but not sufficient 

As the world confronts ‘returning to work’ for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began, companies are required to do employee screening. Essential businesses that have remained open during the lockdown, such as healthcare facilities, have implemented screening and the use of masks and other PPE for workplace safety.  However many of the screening procedures are manual. Employees and visitors are filling out paper-based logs and recording their temperature at the front desk. Then, it is up to the front desk staff to decide to either admit or restrict entry based on the screening rules in place.  

As more businesses start to reopen, teams are quickly learning from these early experiences. They are realizing that there is a need for a thorough health and safety plan for this ‘new normal’ that we are all living in. Screening surveys and PPE are essential to these plans, but much more is required for a complete solution. To best protect your employees, customers, partners and visitors, businesses need an end-to-end BioSecurity solution. This will not only reopen quickly, but so that employees can also feel confident returning to work. And, most importantly, to lay the foundation for a response to the next epidemic or disease outbreak. 

Why BioSecurity?

Just as a few years ago, ‘CyberSecurity’ became a necessary layer of protection for businesses of all sizes. Today ‘BioSecurity’ must also become a part of professional life. With an end-to-end solution, you will be able to leverage automation, industry best practices and compliant technologies to prepare, prevent, and rapidly respond to biological threats to keep people safe and maintain business continuity. And respecting and addressing privacy and confidentiality is also part of the solution. 

How it Works

ReturnSafe combines planning, screening, tracking, testing, and tracing to provide businesses with a holistic approach to preventing and responding to a COVID-19 outbreak. Under the guidance of our fractional medical officer, we work with our clients to create an action plan for returning to work in a safe way.

Employers manage their entire return to work program from a BioSecurity portal. Personnel responsible for workplace safety, risk management and HR will use this dashboard to manage all workplace locations. The employer creates and manages policies for returning to the office, working from home, restricting access to specific areas, managing alerts and notifications for personnel. In addition, the portal provides a central place to create, monitor and track information and manage risk. 

Screening Survey App

Employees use our phone or web application to provide screening information to their employers. Once they start returning to their place of work, they are notified to record their symptoms in our daily screening survey app. Based on their responses and other factors they receive a recommendation on whether they should go to work or stay at home. These policies governing these recommendations are customizable by office location and managed from the BioSecurity Portal. For visitors, customers and partners we offer a desktop app that can be stationed at a conveniently located kiosk on premise. We can also integrate temperature checks into the process.

Social Distancing Alarms & Contact Tracing

covid-19 screening app
Return to Work

Dependent upon the working conditions of the industry, we can add social distancing alarms to the system via phone alerts so that employees are proactively encouraged to adhere to physical distancing guidelines throughout the workday. Our solution also incorporates ongoing automated and manual contact tracing via our mobile app to track who is coming into close contact with whom just in case a mitigation effort is needed in the event someone comes down with COVID-19 coronavirus. The BioSecurity dashboard shows the exposed employees using Bluetooth, GPS and Wi-Fi data so that they can be informed to isolate and get tested. We capture this data with our phone app that employees will have installed and optionally using a Bluetooth lanyard or wristband. We also provide manual contact tracing services to complement the automated system.

If an employee does exhibit symptoms they should get tested for COVID-19 coronavirus. And they can report test results in the app and optionally share their test results securely with their employer. We also provide an individualized vulnerability assessment so employers can request and pay for their employees to be tested either because a particular employee is at risk or to monitor what percentage of their employees are asymptomatic but positive for COVID-19 coronavirus.

BioSecurity Portal

Contact tracing HR dashboard
HR BioSecurity Portal

The business’ HR team monitors this entire process with real-time visibility via our BioSecurity Portal, allowing for rapid response to outbreak threats and managing regulatory compliance. As you can see, there are quite a few more steps to managing a safe return to work program than a simple screening survey app can provide. Therefore, if you are looking for an end-to-end BioSecurity solution to best deal with COVID-19, book a demo with us today to explore how we can help you lower the risk of your return to work plan. 

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