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How ReturnSafe Helps Communities Stay Safe During COVID

Monica Ma 10/22/20
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Backed by Active Capital, ReturnSafe’s BioSecurity Platform has been implemented by more than thirty organizations as part of their return to office protocols

ReturnSafe, a mission-driven BioSecurity company focused on workplace health safety, announced today that since the beginning of May, more than 30 organizations have adopted the ReturnSafe BioSecurity Platform to help keep their work environments safe for their communities.

“In February, I started to see the human and economic destruction unfold in Asian countries due to the Coronavirus and knew that soon, the virus would be impacting us here in the United States,” said Tarun Nimmagadda, Founder and CEO of ReturnSafe. “Based on history and the infectious diseases that have come before, I recognized that waiting for a vaccine could take a very long time and it would not be the silver bullet that everyone hoped for. I knew that the only way to slow the spread of the Coronavirus and to help businesses stay open was to offer a solution that would screen, test and trace COVID-19 in the workplace.”

The ReturnSafe BioSecurity Platform offers organizations an end to end solution that slows the spread of infectious diseases by implementing critical daily screening with a symptoms diary and recommendations governed by HR policies; testing data management for quick notification of a positive test; and Bluetooth contact-tracing via smartphone and hardware wearables at the workplace including a built-in social distancing alarm.

“We have been pleased with ReturnSafe as a solution to manage the safety of employees at corporate, regional and property locations in multiple states,” said Mark H. Dambly, President of Pennrose. “Our property management and maintenance teams are essential employees and have been reporting to work throughout the shutdowns, and with the pandemic, we needed to find a scalable solution that would allow us to screen our 400+ person workforce. The ReturnSafe BioSecurity Platform enables us to conduct daily screening and contact tracing, which helps our Human Resources team manage risks associated with keeping our employees safe at work.”

ReturnSafe supports businesses in various industries including health and senior care organizations, educational institutions, event venues, non-profits, hospitality, manufacturing, law, real estate, financial services and more, throughout the United States including Hawaii, and Canada and the United Kingdom.

Founded by Tarun Nimmagadda, Jikku Venkat (Chief Technology and Head of Product), Dr. Reef Gillum (Chief Medical Officer) and Jason Story (Vice President of Business Development and Sales), ReturnSafe draws from the deep experience of the founders in public health policy, healthcare IT systems, consumer technology and enterprise software development.

“The majority of businesses, from schools and non-profit organizations to nursing homes and event venues, are rapidly searching for ways to get back to work safely,” said Pat Matthews, Founder and CEO of Active Capital. “We believe ReturnSafe is uniquely positioned to holistically address this challenge. Their founding team has the experience and mission-driven focus to truly make a difference and we are thrilled to support their journey.”

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