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ReturnSafe Return to Work Newsletter – January 6, 2022

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News and Updates

As we enter 2022, we wanted to take a second to thank you for making 2021 an amazing year! ReturnSafe incorporated in 2020 with a mission to help businesses get back to work safely amidst the pandemic. Since then, we have had two tremendous years of growth, welcoming new customers, partners, and team members. We are deeply grateful for the opportunity to continue this work as all of us navigate the ever-changing state of COVID-19.

Speaking of the new year, two major COVID-19 updates are top of mind for HR leaders today.

  1. The stay of OSHA’s vaccine or test ETS has been lifted. The new deadline to comply with the ETS is January 10th for all requirements except testing and February 9th to be in full compliance with the rule.
  2. Omicron has lead to a drastic surge in cases and will have a severe impact on the workplace for the next few months.

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Comply with the ETS


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Your Master Guide to COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing ETS in 2022 

A resource for employers to navigate vaccine and testing policies in the new year.
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State Guidance 

Stay ahead of your state’s COVID-19 guidelines.
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Did you know?

OSHA has approved “digitally read” tests as compliant in the updated ETS FAQs.

BD Veritor at Home COVID-19 tests are now explicitly compliant with the OSHA’s Vaccination or Test ETS. ReturnSafe has partnered with BD to enable at home results to be digitally integrated into the Command Center with a simple button. With BD and ReturnSafe, you can have a reasonably priced testing solution without the need for a human in the loop for verification.

BD Veritor Flow

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