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We help businesses build vibrant and high performing workplaces for all employees

Since launching the company in May 2020, ReturnSafe has developed trusted workplace tools and resources for employers to navigate the complexities of the evolving COVID-19 virus and changing public health guidelines. 

As we look ahead at the future of work, we are excited about helping our customers get hybrid right and create a happier, healthier and more high-performing workforce than they've ever known before.  

Our Values

Every ambition comes with a set of values. Ours shape our culture, define who we are, what we do, and how we move forward.


Improvements in employee health and workplace wellness cannot happen without a secure, and user-validated design people can depend on.


As we take on a world of uncertainty, we innovate and iterate our solutions to benefit our users today and support the world of work tomorrow.


We believe in being authentic and maintaining open and honest communications — even if it’s not in our best interest.


Operating as a force for good, we make sure our work is reflective of the empathy and support we provide for the people we help.


Continents of ReturnSafe's global reach


World-class customer net promoter score


User engagement across 150+ customers

Our Team


About Us

We are committed to customer success.  We don't succeed unless our customers do and our customers are flourishing as evidenced by our Net Promotor Score of 86!

We are a company that is responsive to a fast-paced and ever-changing market, creating a very exciting and vibrant work environment for our own people.


Leadership Team


Jikku Venkat

Co-Founder, CEO


Jason Story

Co-Founder, VP of Business Development


Margaret Rimmler

VP of Marketing


Matthew Quinn

VP of Sales


Kurt Monnier

VP of Product


Esha Vaid

VP of Finance and Operations

Jess Galenski

Jess Galenski

Director of Customer Success


Brad Swenson

Director of Customer Engineering

Vinay-Gahlawat  2

Vinay Gahlawat

Director of Engineering

Our Advisors

David Hughen

David Hughen

CEO, AustinWorkNet


Dr. Lauren Ancel Meyers

Professor of Integrative Biology, The University of Texas at Austin


Chase Feiger, MD

Chief Medical Information Officer


Vinay Gidwaney

Chief Product Officer, OneDigital


Katni Venkat

IT and Security Expert


Morgan Cheatham

VP Bessemer Venture Partners


Jack Plotkin

Executive Advisor

Board of Directors


Tarun Nimmagadda

Co-Founder, Chairman ReturnSafe


Jikku Venkat

Co-Founder, CEO ReturnSafe


Nilanjana Bhowmik

Co-Founder and General Partner Converge

Why Choose ReturnSafe

Mission-driven for positive employee experiences

Unified approach with a best-of-breed technology

Pragmatic way to privacy

Purpose over profit, public benefit company

Enterprise system with human-centric design

Ecosystem of data intelligence

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