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We make hybrid work for employees, HR and managers

The people-first platform for hybrid work management. Delight employees, empower managers and give HR tools and insights that build a vibrant and healthy workplace for everyone no matter where they work.

Companies that get hybrid work right will outperform those that don't. We're here to help you get it right. 

COVID Vaccine Tracking, Daily Screening and Testing

Return to office solutions including HIPAA compliant vaccine tracking, health screening, test tracking, contact tracing and case management tools you can deploy in as little as a day. 

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The Future of Work is Now


Hybrid Work Flexibility

60% of employees want hybrid work experiences. Use our intuitive solution to create and sustain a high-performing hybrid workplace — without business disruption.


Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave their place of work. Provide simple ways for employees to communicate flexible work needs and team engagement for employees.


Healthy Workplace

36% of employees are concerned about workplace health safety. Give your employees confidence in coming to the office and provide HR tools for managing today’s compliance needs.

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Engaging for Employees

Give your employees a sense of community and support, whether they’re at home or in the office

Easily collaborate with colleagues and share office schedules while maintaining the privacy and transparency employees want and need.


Socialize and coordinate office visits 

Employees can share on-site work plans and collaborate with colleagues on their in-office schedule.


Capture real time sentiment

Employees can use a systematic way to provide feedback and track sentiment for greater transparency and trust. 


Define flexible work options that work for them

Employees can work with their managers to design the hybrid options that work for them, within your organizations overall hybrid work policies.  


Health safety awareness

Employees can have confidence that your organization is proactively managing health and safety with an intuitive dashboard of your workplace.

Powerful for HR & Managers

Measure and drive continuous improvement by making informed decisions based on real data

No more guesswork, spreadsheets, or siloed tools.


Understand what employees need 

An integrated dashboard of employee sentiment and engagement metrics to drive improvements in workplace performance.


Leverage workforce & workplace analytics

Leverage analytics to track engagement and inform space management, contingency planning, and compliance reporting.


Hybrid work management

Engage employees with customized hybrid programs. Enable digital workflows and provide continuous tracking of program adoption for managers and HR. 


Be proactive about health and safety

Improve employee confidence in returning to work. Respond to outbreaks quickly and minimize business disruption.

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A Great Place to Work Provides for Employee Health and Safety

ReturnSafe is the trusted solution that has helped over 150 organizations and over 225,000 employees return to work safely.  

Integrated solution delivers quick insights and tools to maintain a healthy workplace 

Give employees confidence to return to office and reduce HR's burden

 Vaccine Tracking

 Test Tracking

 Symptom Screening

 Case Management

  Building Access Policies

 Hybrid Work  

 Employee Engagement

Security and Privacy

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Jumpstart your Future of Work journey with a successful hybrid work playbook

Our fast and powerful approach is achievable by enterprise industries in any sector.

Step 1

Meet with our team to customize your workplace experience.

Step 2

Engage your team (employees, managers, HR) to understand their needs. 

Step 3

Define hybrid work success metrics and educate everyone with the hybrid work playbook.

Step 4

Use analytics for insights to optimize your program.

Hear from our customers

Join hundreds of forward-thinking organizations using ReturnSafe as the foundation for their Future of Work program.


"ReturnSafe was the only tool we could find that gave us everything we needed for screening and vaccination status, and was very customizable to help us with all of our US and global locations.”

Scott Oblow
Chief Human Resources Officer | Kroll

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“I really like the ease of use of the app for our employees.”

Malvin Ortiz-Aponte
Director of HR | The Betsy Hotel


“The seamless integration with a single sign-on solution for our employees to access and check-in daily was a critical component and one that the ReturnSafe team was able to deliver.”

John DeSantis
Vice President of Technology | Pennrose


“With ReturnSafe, we’re able to quickly identify those who have been potentially exposed to the virus and, in turn, those with whom they have been in contact.”

John Montgomery
Chief Information Technology Officer | Madonna University


"We’re confident that as changes are needed, ReturnSafe will be able to make those changes.”

John Dickson
President and CEO | Redstone


"We felt confident ReturnSafe met our requirements and kept employee records secure.”

Linda Ferreira
HRIS & Compensation Manager | IPS

Customers give ReturnSafe a world-class NPS.

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